Since our founding in 2000, PAI has excelled in the provision of dispute resolution services with an emphasis on scheduling, delay, acceleration, and disruption analyses. We provide specialist scheduling/programming and planning services primarily in the international construction arena.

PAI also provides quantum and disruption analyses in complex US and international disputes.

The PAI US team cover international and US construction and engineering markets with engagement on some of the largest projects in the world.

Our services fall into two categories:

  • Expert witness
  • Project controls

Expert Witness

In our independent expert work we recognise our professional duty to provide unbiased analyses and testimony in our role to assist the decision maker on deciding the dispute. PAI meets relevant independent expert standards providing tested and proven techniques in our analyses. Our expert work has been presented and interrogated in numerous formal hearings and forums and also utilised in settlement proceedings.

Project Controls

We provide programming services to projects under construction. Preparation and maintenance of detailed schedules for all phases of the work: design, approval, construction, and commissioning to reach Substantial Completion are complex and challenging tasks. PAI brings its expertise in planning and scheduling of large time sensitive projects to its scheduling reviews, assistance and updating. Updating of the schedule is more than incorporating progress information and changes but also to ensure the schedule remains realistic and that changes can be properly considered in a timely way by both the Contractor and the Owner. Our staff bring practical experience in change order / delay event assessment, schedule delay / acceleration analysis, cost review, disruption analysis, records control, dispute review board presentations, litigation and arbitration, and independent expert testimony to our project controls consulting.

Our staff bring practical experience in change order/event assessment, schedule delay /acceleration analysis, cost review, disruption analyses, records control, negotiation support, litigation support and expert testimony experience.

PAI advises on some of the largest construction and engineering projects in the world