Delivery on time is essential in meeting generation obligations. With our experience on the impediments to timely completion, we can assist in successful completion by providing the right focus to the right areas. If in arbitration, we bring the practical experience that allows a thorough analysis of what really delayed the works.

PAI has wide ranging experience of the technical issues, sequencing and interfacing issues on power projects. We provide practical solutions for the management and programming of the works, together with a robust approach to the assessments of any delays incurred. Our experience covers a range of power projects including:

  • Combined fuel power stations
  • Hydro power stations
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Wind-farm distribution networks
  • Land and Sub-sea cable projects
  • Substation projects
  • Overhead lines projects
  • 400kV to 11kV power transmission and distribution.

PAI helps our client's minimise risk and optimise performance within this essential, complex and evolving industry