Expert Delay Analysis

Forensic delay analysis is the retrospective or prospective analysis of delay events on the completion date(s) or milestones included in the contract to assist a tribunal in deciding the dispute.

A successful delay analysis must be complete, accurate, factual, non-biased, intelligible and logical. A delay analysis must address the criticality (or non-criticality) of activities, the use of float, and potentially concurrent delays.

PAI provides both on-going project and retrospective delay analyses. With our industry experience and analysis approach, we ascertain, explain, and present the cause of a delay and its effect on project milestones. Our conclusions are based upon the available evidence, expert experience and detailed state of the art analysis.

PAI provides expert testimony proving the cause and effect linkage between the liability asserted and the damages claimed in mediation, adjudication, arbitration, or other litigation forums. We are particularly experienced in ICC, LCIA, RICS and TeCSA adjudication and arbitration rules and procedures.

PAI has provided expert delay analyses and testimony on some of the most complex and challenging projects around the world