Programme Management

PAI experience in risk identification, management and allocation together with early programming / scheduling assists in establishing a solid foundation for execution of the project.

We can ensure continuous management of programming needs by producing procedures and controls to ensure that problem areas are identified early and appropriate action employed.

PAI provides the implementation and management of effective programme management tools to provide an early warning system of problems to assist in the successfull delivery of projects.

A key factor is the baseline and the process for its updating and subsequent revision when changes occur. PAI brings its disputes knowledge and technical programming skills to develop robust programmes.

Our services in programme management include the following:

  • Baseline Programme / Schedule Development
  • Definition of Key Milestones
  • Programme and Procedures Audit
  • Extension of Time Analysis
  • Forensic Delay Analysis
  • Progress Monitoring and Updating
  • Acceleration / Mitigation Planning
  • Risk Identification and Management

Project Management Services

PAI has national and international experience in the delivery of construction and engineering projects.

PAI observes a constructive and collaborative approach to procurement, contract administration, and management of projects, from identifying needs to managing construction implementation, integration and handover.

Planning establishes targets and the course to reach them, project control is the process that ensures the course of action is maintained and the desired targets are reached.

Early appointment, either as part of a team or as independent reviewers will help realise opportunities and avoid the threat of problems. This, together with regular monitoring, will improve the goal of achieving planned profits for all involved in the project and to the benefit of the project as a whole.

Our services in project management include the following:

  • Project management of projects from concept to completion
  • Interface management
  • Progress measurement and management
  • Change identification and control
  • Health & safety management / CDM coordination
  • Contract administration

PAI's expert involvement in effective planning and scheduling is critical to efficient decision making