Our Approach


Our expert team has worked together for over 15 years on some of the world’s most complex projects. We achieve credible, accurate and reliable results through persistent independent analysis, our bespoke analysis techniques and rigorous reliance on facts to ascertain where, when and the reasons for delays on a project. Our analyses are expressed in our expert reports which strive to be clear, concise and helpful to the Court / Tribunal.

We approach each assignment with a named expert, and that expert is responsible for the analysis, which will inform their opinion. Each expert formulates the analysis, its task breakdown and participates in accomplishing each task. We strive for value in our work product with smaller teams dedicated to producing the expert report as a whole with intertwined and cohesive tasks all under the experts’ control and daily direction.

We believe in looking at project execution as a whole. We analyse programmes / schedules in the context of the agreement forming the execution plan and its subsequent changes. Our analysis is not restricted to a programme printout but instead looks to uncover and ascertain what is really being delayed on a project. Through our extensive experience in analysing a wide range of projects, being on project sites, and evaluating project records, we design an appropriate, efficient and effective analysis methodology and then carry out the analysis.

The best analysis is only useful if done in a balanced, impartial and independent manner and then expressed succinctly in an expert report. We relentlessly pursue balance, impartiality and independence in our analyses and their expression. We are steadfast in our focus on clear reasoning and relevant conclusions in our reports.

PAI’s team applies hard work combined with analytical insight to each of our assignments.

PAI’s founder, Marianne Ramey, is “widely recognised as one of the most prominent experts internationally” and “first class-expertise in global infrastructure and speciality building projects” (https://whoswholegal.com/marianne-ramey)

Our staff are qualified professionals, experienced in the practical application of design, construction, management, and project controls.